Dommin’s New Album Beautiful Crutch

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The loss of a love never truly leaves you and can cause you to look at the world through a sceptical eye. Music helps embody these emotions and gives a voice to the words we didn’t even know we were searching for. Since 2010 Dommin have been that voice. Beginning with their first album Love is Gone and now continuing with their fourth studio album Beautiful Crutch.

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Despite their success in the alternative music world Dommin are still relatively unknown. The American rock band was begun in 1999 by lead singer/songwriter Kristofer Dommin in LA. Since 2008 the band have consisted of Kristofer on vocals and guitar, Konstantine on keyboards, Billy James on bass and Cameron Morris on drums. Originally Kristopher formed the band with his older brother Stephen (who played the drums) leading to the band’s name but after recording a few demos over the course of eight years he was replaced with Cameron Morris in 2008. Billy James joined as the band’s keyboardist in 2002 but soon moved to bass in 2006 after Konstantine became involved. By 2005 the band had already gained a reputation as a performing rock band in the LA scene and unknown to them one of their demos had reached producer and manager Lucas Banker. Banker had a production company with partner Logan Mader (known for Machine Head and Soulfly). This is a discovery that would lead to the band’s first independent album, Mend Your Misery. MySpace played a large part in the band’s self-promotion, selling t shirts and recording a video for their iconic song ‘My Heart, Your Hands.

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After preforming The Warped Tour, 2009 saw the band growing in the alternative music world and releasing their first studio album Love is Gone in 2010 produced by Dirty Icon. The album can be described as a Gothic imitation of The Doors with an almost musical twist on songs such as ‘Dark Holiday’ that could have been written for any Broadway villain. ‘My Heart, Your Hands’ was featured as iTunes song of the Week and received a production value music video.

The ‘My Heart, Your Hands’ music video we all know:

The band signed with Roadrunner Records and began to reach beyond America, conducting their first trip to Europe when they supported Lacuna Coil and HIM on two back to back tours. They also opened on the Main Stage on the final day of the Download Festival in the United Kingdom. They received nominations as Best New Band and Best New International Artist for Metal Hammer Awards and Kerrang Awards. Dommin also released a music video for their song ‘Closure’, a song about self-empowerment and leaving the past behind, that featured fans of the band depicting – in any form they chose – something they have overcome and no longer let control them. The emotional video perfectly depicts the connection Dommin share with their fans.

‘Closure’ music video: :

After breaking from Roadrunner and releasing two more albums (Rise and Rare) to moderate success the band are back with their new album Beautiful Crutch released January of this year. The album seems to embody the vibes of Love is Gone with a sorrowful unrequited love that could be something out of a dark fairy tale. The almost disembodying tunes created by both Kristopher on guitar and Billy on bass combine perfectly with the former’s harrowing voice to give chills. Creating a loss for something the listener may never have even felt.

Two songs that stand out amongst the others are ‘Desire’ and ‘This World’. ‘Desire’ is a sensually dark song about a sickening obsession that causes an overwhelming attraction. The song showcases Kristopher’s ethereal tones as well as the harsh timber of his voice, conveying a range of emotions from love to possession. The swaying tune is both bass and drum heavy and beautiful in its simplicity.

Listen to ‘Desire’ here:

‘This World’ seems to be a song about the world we currently live in, how technology is taking over and even invading the way people conduct relationships. Beginning with erratic string picking conveys the confusion of the song and how the narrator no longer feels a part of this world. The lyrics speak of the narrator being ‘a stranger in a digital age’ and seeing ‘the words on the screen, so empty and so complicated.’ Almost a forlornness for a world gone by and continuing with the other worldly and fairy tale feeling of Dommin’s music, going so far as to have a song on the album called ‘Outer Space.’

Listen to ‘This World’ here:

Touring has yet to be announced but I personally hope Beautiful Crutch brings Dommin the exposure they need for a worldwide tour that will bring their much loved music to their fans.

Beautiful Crutch is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora Music and Deezer.



Review by Skye W.Winwood