New track ‘Reload’ by J.J Leone is bringing back the personal connection to music

When fame becomes just a part of everyday life, many artists become lost in management and production teams. J.J Leone is redefining exactly what it means to be an independent artist in the modern day music scene. A daunting prospect for many aspiring artists, to go it alone, but J.J is laughing in the face of this fear with his new track ‘Reload.’

Listen to ‘Reload’ here:

J.J has risen in the music scene with increasing promise from his first Top 20 EP Rebuild and has sold out the legendary Ronnie Scott. As well as playing for thousands at festivals such as Sundown Festival and Sofar Sounds.

Beginning his career by recording in a DIY style in his own bathroom has continued into his success as J.J is still completely self-managed. Writing, preforming, producing and managing every aspect of his own success and still finding time to communicate with his audience. Something utterly admirable considering the hardships independent artists face these days, trying to make themselves noticeable as an individual among the crowds of many. J.J has managed to more than get himself notice with both his familiar and unique R&B/Soul sound. Overall his musical sound can be narrowed down to a typical modern R&B sound sprinkled with soul-pop however the guitar based nature runs a shadowy sinew through ‘Reload.’ This synth sewn track alone completely transforms the music into something not only extremely pleasing to listen to but also something that continues to resonate long after the echoes of J.J’s voice have vanished.

Being an independent artist doesn’t hold J.J back in any form, even pushing him to explore and interpret subjects or emotions other artists tend to avoid. His young, almost pure, sounding voice leaves the subjects of his songs to strike the listener. The sound almost childlike in some aspects and bringing home that issues in this world will continue to affect the growing generation if nothing is done about them. J.J also draws on his own personal experiences for his writing such as during the beginning of his career when he would busk on street corners. An artist with a clear goal and direction for his music who has the possibility to transform into a voice for those who do not have one.

See J.J live at Septemberfest and Razorlight on September 22nd!








Review by Skye W.Winwood

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