The NaveBlues self-titled album is a new generation of blues music

When it comes to music some artists focus on sound whilst others are meticulous about lyrics, The NaveBlues are a band who seem to have found the perfect balance of both. Standing at a crossroads of music and managing to take both paths, the four piece Norwegian blues band are bringing back classic blues music with their own personal twist to keep things interesting. Consisting of bass, guitar and drums as the basis of their sound The NaveBlues will both shock and impress you with their peace, love and harmonica approach to music.

The band’s new album, named after themselves The NaveBlues, has a beautifully unique selling point in the form of lead singer Nave Pundik’s insane harmonica playing. Their lead track ‘Possess You’ is a perfect example of Nave’s vocal and instrumental talent for an instrument that hasn’t seen the spotlight for some years.

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‘Possess You’ is a spine tingling track that resonates with a similar sound to rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival and evokes images of a desert sky moving rapidly from day to night. The track begins with a guitar riff that is not that unlike something from The Foo Fighters before plunging deep into the pool of blues music. The first two minutes are a showcase of Nave’s rock star level harmonica playing that seems to sing as passionately as any voice could. The vibrating continuous notes soar high and low with an inclination that speaks beautiful words without any sound passing Nave’s lips. The song could work as a completely lyrical-less piece but Nave’s singing at the mid-way point drives home the message of the song. Nave’s vocals compliment his harmonica playing with the same inflection and vocal style that can be compared to Kristofer Dommin of the band Dommin and evokes a similar sound to Type O Negative’s Peter Steele; Nave’s bluesy rock voice is a perfect finisher for the blues inspired track. The song also showcases The NaveBlues potential to slip into other genres such as space rock as ‘Possess You’ also has Muse hints hidden within the sound.

The NaveBlues have also challenged musical conventions by covering Led Zeppelin’s ‘Thank You’ that continues the hint of space rock with their human adapting to a lonely life on mars music video.

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The NaveBlues push musical boundaries by taking the simple, plaintive song and turning it into something both visually and musically fantastical. Through the band’s adaption the song becomes something more intense than the original and works perfectly for the angle they decided to put on it. The pure passion for music this band embodies is encapsulated in ‘Thank You’ through the unbelievable harmonica solos and Nave’s rustic vocals overlapping with those of a soft female voice. Covering ‘Thank You’ further proves how The NaveBlues cannot be pigeonholed and will fly with ease between different genres such as rock, soul, indie and still manage to hold all the conventions of blues music.

The NaveBlues, and their new album, are the band to listen to for anyone who is a fan of musical genius and insane instrumental talent.









Review by Skye W. Winwood

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