‘Stranger Things’ have happened in The Hillywood Show’s new musical parody

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In 2010 Youtube helped me discover two girls who quickly became two very big points of inspiration for me as a creator. With only a small following at the time that has led to an insane and rightfully deserved growth over the past seven years, the Hindi sisters have released yet another incredible musical parody.

Watch ‘Stranger Things Parody’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPS4xC52L5I&t=367s

Created on March 28th 2006 under the user name JckSparrow by Hilly Hindi, the Youtube channel showed prominent promise from the outset as an entertainment product consisting of sketch show type videos. Each video adding to an overall story bursting with accurate impressions of different Johnny Depp characters. With the help of her sister Hannah, and both girls’ background in acting/dancing, the channel began to blossom into The Hillywood Show we all know today through the release of their ‘Twilight’ parody. Currently standing at over 11 million views, it became the gateway for the girls to broaden their creative genius as well as begin building their USP. A USP consisting of taking popular movies or TV shows and picking the perfect song to create mind blowing dead-on musical parodies. Leading to parodies of blockbuster movies such as Suicide Squad to Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’, Harry Potter to Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ and even pairing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ with The Lord of The Rings. As well as parodies of shows like The Walking Dead to Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, The Vampire Diaries to Lady Gaga’s ‘Teeth’ and now Stranger Things to Rick James’ ‘Super Freak’. With every new video Hilly and Hannah only continue to grow and improve but their unwavering dedication has never faltered.

Back with their new highly anticipated ‘Stranger Things Parody’ both Hilly and Hannah have not disappointed by producing yet another parody that could rival the actual show in popularity. Even without the humorous add on of whichever song the girls decide to use, the parody is as visually stunning as all their others. Containing thread by thread accurate costumes, character movements and shots that portray just how much work the sisters put into their videos as online creators. ‘Stranger Things Parody’ has once more rewritten our understanding of the word ‘parody’ and turned it into something inspirational and glamorous. Whilst still managing to inject the right amount of humour that fits in perfectly with the theme of the Netflix’s Original.

Hilly’s portrayal of Mike Wheeler is almost unnerving in how closely she manages to resemble the character of a young boy. Down to the smallest movements and facial expressions, it is evident she has done her homework when it comes to character study. Similarly, Hannah returns as an actor in ‘Stranger Things Parody’ after working more behind the camera on their last parody (‘Suicide Squad’) to give an intense performance as Eleven. Despite being older than the original actors Richard Speight Jr. and Phil Lamarr’s performances as Dustin and Lucas are sweetly entertaining and work well alongside both Hilly and Hannah. Even Kim Rhodes manages to give a memorable performance as Joyce Byers despite featuring less than the others. All involved giving respectful and accurate mimics of Stranger Things characters.

Whilst the parodies themselves create a buzzing excitement for whatever new content The Hillywood Show will release, fans are possibly even more eager to discover which song/songs will be featured this time. Using ‘Super Freak’ for ‘Stranger Things Parody’ could not have worked more perfectly had the song been written for the show. Choosing a song from the 80s helped everything blend seamlessly and effectively trap you in place for just over seven minutes until you hit that replay button. The combination of how the original lyrics fit the story of the parody as well as the few that have been changed create a flawless finished product you won’t be able to get out of your head. The parody version of the song possibly taking over the original as the popularity of the video just continues to grow.

Continuing to create fun and awe inspiring parodies, ‘Stranger Things Parody’ is just another example of Hilly and Hannah’s prolific talent. Providing further personal inspiration as well as an abundance of entertainment for anyone willing to watch.


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Review by Skye W. Winwood