New Techno princess Nej!las is close to becoming techno queen!

Psychedelic, Techno, Vintage

Since the release of her ‘Washout’ EP around 4 months ago she’s been rapidly on the rise.

Since then she has released stand alone track Fini and most recently her To Rise, To Fall EP and my god has she developed and people are noticing. In just the 22 days since its soundcloud release ‘Risen’ from the To Rise, To Fall EP has had over 50K streams!

It’s easy to see why Nej!las (pronounced nej-ee-lass) has been gaining so many plays from the very start of the track. Like being in Drive or the new Blade Runner film the music surrounds you and takes you into to a dark, futuristic whirl of synthesis. My god its cool.

Listen to both ‘Washout’ and her new ‘To Rise To Fall’ EP below