‘Golden Girl’ is only step one in Bryony Dunn’s Game of Phones Tour

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No matter how successful music artists become or how many albums they sell, it is important they never forget where they came from. Bryony Dunn is acknowledging her origins in a unique and guaranteed sell out tour. With her new single ‘Golden Girl’ available for sale on November 17th, Bryony has the idea for a tour with some niche venues.

Listen to ‘Golden Girl’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWoNooIFDjs

Armed only with her sweet voice and guitar, Bryony took to the streets of Paris to film the narrative based music video for ‘Golden Girl.’ A song about ‘the theme of international celebrity’, as described by Bryony herself. The story of both the music video and song follow Bryony as a character as well as another nameless celebrity character, slowly revealing the struggles the latter has to face despite seeming to have the perfect life. The message of the song comes across as being about the age old warning ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Bryony asking, ‘Golden Girl, what’s your secret?’, seeking the trick to international fame only coming to realise it’s not all as glamorous as it appears. The theme of both the song and the music video echoes that of Evanescence’s ‘Everybody’s Fool’ but with a drastically different, Dodie Clark music style. Those of a more astute nature will notice how ‘Golden Girl’ fits as a reference to James Bond, the song even beginning with lyrics paying homage to this. Although the identity of the celebrity has not been disclosed an online poll has been created with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry leading as possibilities for the mysterious identity.

The song has the beauty and grace of Fleetwood Mac and Bon Iver. A track filled with an endearing enchantment that makes perfect sense when you know Bryony’s origin of inspiration. The singer-songwriter has cited none other than vintage phone boxes as her muse, describing them as both beautiful and wonderful. The enchantment infused into her music comes from the magical Narnia-style wooded area that surrounded Bryony’s local phone box. This muse became some of the inspiration for ‘Golden Girl’ and has bloomed into the ironic idea of beginning a tour of the red booths all around Britain. Bryony has explained that it doesn’t matter if her audience is just one or two people as long as the message of her music reaches them. Highly encouraging people to contact her via Facebook or Twitter if they have one of the phone booths in their area. Allowing Bryony to begin formulating her tour which will begin in the first part of 2018.

‘Golden Girl’ is scheduled to be released on November 17th and is a beautiful portrayal of modern day celebrities’ and rising artists’ fears and insecurities. As well as a song about the realisation that gaining fame is not the only recognition of talent.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWoNooIFDjs

Radio Edit of ‘Golden Girl’: https://m.soundcloud.com/dominicking/golden-girl-radio-edit

Original mix: https://soundcloud.com/dominicking/golden-girl-original-mix

‘Touch’ cover: https://soundcloud.com/dominic-roy-king/bryony-dunn-touch

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Review by Skye W. Winwood