Five Finger Death Punch are continuing to cause ‘Trouble’ with their new single

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Bands that tour together…don’t always stay together. With close quarters, inevitable disagreements and musical differences always on the prowl, it’s unlikely for bands to not experience a little tension. Fans of the heavy metal rock band Five Finger Death Punch will know of the band’s history of member replacements as well as recent rumours about lead singer Ivan Moody quitting. However this is not a post about the band’s demise as they are still very much active. So, fans can wipe their brows of worry as amidst this musical chaos the band are still releasing insanely awesome music in the form of their new single ‘Trouble.’

Listen to ‘Trouble’ here:

Anyone new to the heavy metal scene will find the perfect introduction into the genre with veterans Five Finger Death Punch. Beginning back in 2005, the band have released hit after hit from ‘Coming Down’ to ‘Wrong Side of Heaven.’ Winning countless awards and achieving Gold status on multiple albums throughout line-up changes and even a recent lawsuit battle. The band embody everything about the heavy metal genre – the good, the bad and the ugly – but continue to prove their sky high talent as professional musicians.

Released on October 27th, ‘Trouble’ is one of the two new singles that will be featured on a greatest hits collection the band have named A Decade of Destruction with a release date of December. The album and single are acting as a celebration for the band finally settling the lawsuit with their record label Prospect Park. The lawsuit was filed when the band allegedly broke their contract by working on a new album without the label but after putting up quite the fight, Death Punch are now able to refocus on their music.

‘Trouble’ has received mixed reviews from both critics and fans with some thinking the song to be too simple and lacking the grit Death Punch have become iconic for. This is something I couldn’t disagree with more! The song is more stripped back lyrically than previous releases but instead of being ‘simple’ a pure rawness has been punched into the song. ‘Trouble’ opens with ‘I don’t look for trouble/trouble looks for me’ and carries on a continued theme of the narrator accepting who they are. The lyrics are arguably autobiographically to vocalist, Ivan Moody’s, struggles with substance abuse. Laying himself bare in a pulsating, head banging, riff filled anthem that captures everything old school metal stands for. The song plunges further and further into a swirling vortex of harsh, gritty vocals and electrifying guitar solos that truly give chills.

‘Trouble’ hides no flaws the band have but seems to act as a promise to their fans of still working together to release the music we are all eagerly waiting for.







Review by Skye W. Winwood