Gabbie Hanna’s new single ‘Satellite’ is orbiting the top of the charts

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Musicians can spring up from the most unlikely of places and with media platforms like Youtube only gaining in popularity, it’s currently the place to find the next big stars. Gabbie Hanna is proving herself to be one of these stars with shining potential with her new single ‘Satellite.’

Listen to ‘Satellite’ here:

Originally gaining fame on the app Vine, Gabbie Hanna has secured roles as a singer-songwriter, author, comedian, poet and actress – just to name a few. When Vine reached its inevitable demise early this year, Gabbie began putting all of her effort into her Youtube channel, Gabbie Hanna. Her comedy and ability to capture and hold the attention of her audience transferred well into her ‘Storytime’ videos. She easily put forth a likeable and relatable persona before branching out into other forms of entertainment. The time and effort dedicated to her channel has helped Gabbie to reach over five million subscribers and enter a career as a music artist.

September 6th saw the release of Gabbie’s debut single ‘Out Loud’, a song about the heart breaking loss of a loved one, someone once trusted. Gabbie’s intention with the song was to shock people by stepping away from what she had previously been known for. Shocking people is exactly what she accomplished as ‘Out Loud’ still continues to blow away fans. The lyrics of the song alone are a beautiful arrangement of words inspired by the poetry in her book, Adultolescence. The overwhelming emotion and frustration of the song is capture by Gabbie’s sombre vocals. Although ‘Out Loud’ comes across easily as the loss of a romantic relationship, Gabbie has stated she wants the song to relate to the loss of any relationship. Writing the song in direct address has allowed many people to relate to the lyrics and apply them to their own lives. Experiencing music in the personal way we all should.

Listen to ‘Out Loud’ here:

After the release of ‘Out Loud’ fans have been desperate for more from the Youtuber and received exactly what they have been seeking in the form of Gabbie’s new single, ‘Satellite.’ Continuing the theme of relatable issues from her previous single, ‘Satellite’ is about the idea of being on the outside. Being able to see everything that is happening but unable to be a part of it, something everyone has felt at some point in their life. The creativity of the lyrics from ‘Out Loud’ are stepped up in ‘Satellite’ with some truly poetic lines such as ‘I can make it on my own/the fallen star of a one man show.’ Whilst the song is an expression of isolation, there are also hints of inspiration and rising against the isolation felt. As well as this, Gabbie demonstrates spectacular vocal control with a unique sound that is easily recognisable as her. ‘Satellite’ evokes a style similar to Avril Lavigne’s ballads combined with a hint of Cascada.

Gabbie has confirmed the release of a future album and if these two singles are anything like what we can expect from the album, there’s no doubt it will see roaring success. Both singles are available to download and stream on iTunes and Spotify.







Review by Skye W. Winwood