The Broken Islands’ new album Wars

Music gives us the tools that allow us to experience and create something new from combining what has past. The Broken Islands have taken full advantage of the freedom music gives us by resurrecting fallen genres. Genres like trip-hop and dark wave that are endangered and only see the light within niche markets. With a sound that could be the soundtrack to a futuristic dystopian film, The Broken Islands have released their brand-new album Wars and it breaks all the rules of convention.

Listen to the lead track ‘No-one Left to Kill’ here:

Consisting of alternating lead and rhythm guitarists Will MacDonald and Kurtis Sheldan, Stephan Cameron on bass, Ty Badali on drums, Rachel Ashmore on keyboards and Rachelle Boily providing the sensually hypnotic vocals, The Broken Islands have the sound of My Bloody Valentine and the un-conventionalism of Ladytron. After taking about a year to write and record the tracks, Wars is now complete and is a beautiful, distorted collection of songs. With the help of Dave ‘The Rave’ Ogilvie (most known for his work with Skinny Puppy, Trent Reznor and Killing Joke), The Broken Islands have really put in the work to achieve their dreams. Already having played for a sell-out crowd in a local venue, they are determined to be the next big band in the alternative genre.

Taking a page out of Morcheeba’s book, Wars is something not belonging to current mainstream music but fighting against the current with a sound that is both electric and soothing depending on which track from the album you are listening to. ‘No-one left to Kill’ is a song consisting of a vibrating electric echo infused with 90s vibes. The low thumping bass blends perfectly with Rachelle’s haunting vocals to create something akin to The Cranberries. The raw emotion captured in the song is breath-taking and continues to resonate long after the song has reached its end. On the other side of the scale is ‘Crown’, a song that will leave you with a heavy devastation that can only be cured by listening to the song on repeat. ‘Crown’ takes you on a journey of both highs and lows, soaring and diving and never giving you a chance to catch your breath. The guitar solo within the song hits hard at the crescendo of the song before mellowing out once more to leave a feeling of needing more. ‘El Dorado’ offers something different again, with a slightly funky start that transforms into a trippy track of high reaching, chiming peaks. Each track belonging to Wars has been meticulously thought out and performed with an admirable precision to evoke the exact feelings intended by the band when creating the songs.

Wars is an ocean of crashing guitars and sweeping vocals that will bring you to the shore of The Broken Islands, a place where organic soundscapes meet with music gone by. Almost overflowing with deep emotion, vast tenderness and heart-breaking truth, The Broken Islands have released something that will no doubt be a milestone in rock music.


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Review by Skye W. Winwood

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