Wartoad are not just for Christmas…

After being disowned by the charity they were raising money for with their cover of Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, Wartoad have barely stumbled from the blow. Not even pausing to consider approaching their music with a more radio friendly sound in mind, the mysterious rock band are back with their first original single. If their Christmas cover was flying the flag of anarchy, then ‘I Alone Can Fix It’ is burning that flag and creating a whole new road for rebellion.

Listen to ‘I Alone Can Fix It’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekxVhBW3kWc

The more perceptive among you will notice the title to be a direct quote from Donald J Trump without even having to listen to the song. Somehow Wartoad have created a complete song that is an amalgamation of idiosyncratic quotes from the current president of the United States. Every chosen quote and the accompanying music video speaks one simple message, a message many have echoed in recent times: ‘not my president.’ Each quote from Trump highlights the narcissistic, delusional and archaic image he is putting forth as well as the subsequent actions this has caused. The quotes are played over a rumbling rock background that mirrors the building rage of those opposed to Trump and his ideas, a combination of harsh guitar riffs and drums akin to the sound of The Damned and Kasabian. The only part of the song not provided by Trump’s vocals is the chorus of, ‘duck, Donald, duck Donald, duck, Donald, Donald Duck.’ Simple yet clever lyrics that liken Trump to a cartoon character and the self-explanatory message of this. The song ends in an overlapping of quotes and visuals of the universe, conveying the chaos the world is currently experiencing. Even the single’s cover art has been designed to send a message that, no matter which way you look at it, Donald Trump is a parody of a president.

The identities of the musicians who make up Wartoad are still unknown, but this lack of true identity is allowing them to speak freely on important issues without the worry of damaging their image. Something the band are taking full advantage of if their current two singles are anything to judge by. Despite not knowing who we are listening to, their respective careers have seen them play with the likes of Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Norah Jones and Roger Waters. Truly, we cannot predict Wartoad’s movements, but nor should we want to. All we can know is that the band are putting a satirical stamp on the pool of punk they have submerged themselves in. Something that will no doubt be a reoccurring theme in their forthcoming 2018 album, What Rough Beasts.

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Wartoad Christmas Single Review


Review by Skye W. Winwood

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