Nele Needs A Holiday has created an honest soundtrack for life

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When we are being honest with ourselves, life can be a real pain in the ass. Movie and TV portray life to be a struggle with a rewarding end, but we can’t always know that, can we? Life may not be the picture-perfect dream we all want it to be, but two things exist to help us cope; laughter and music. Nele Needs A Holiday has combined these two coping mechanisms to create the ultimate soundtrack to life that just might make things a little easier to endure.

Nele’s brand new album, Love Yeah, is a darkly satirical, honest telling of life and love. Switching through various music styles, the album speaks of loss, doubt and all the fears life causes in simple yet extremely clever and relatable lyrics. Beginning with the deceptively upbeat ‘CV’, Love Yeah starts as a cry to be seen in a world where life and experience only exist on paper. Clearly highlighting how superficial the modern world is and the difficulty we face just to get through it, having to lie about who we are to actually get somewhere worthwhile. However, Nele’s talent doesn’t only lie in humour but can also weave beauty in her music such as the track ‘Buddhism’, a slow burning song that really puts the lyrics and vocals in the foreground. Blurring the line between lyrics and poetry, ‘Buddhism’ is already a personal favourite of mine with it’s message of finding that one thing to keep you going through life. The song also embodies a similar feeling to Alanis Morrissette’s early work, containing the same blunt and stripped back ugliness of life. Nele continues to shake things up throughout the album with songs like ‘If’, an 80s rock style ballad filled with power and purpose.

Alongside her affinity for song writing, Nele provides emotive Paloma Faith like vocals that will leave you aching with their deep beauty. Nele has blessed us with the first and lead single from the album ‘We’ll See’, a breath taking, Broadway worthy track. The ballad is a perfect summary of the entire album, containing overwhelming, soaring power but also moments of humour. ‘We’ll See’ is possibly the most vivid song on the album, evoking images of a dimly light stage bursting into a choir of people when the song hits its crescendo. Accompanying the release of ‘We’ll See’ is a music video revelling in all the dark humour and paradoxes that make up Nele’s music. The artist plans to release a music video for each song on the album, something that could prove challenging were it not for Nele’s keen artistic vision. Her experience gained from success as a theatre direct, for her musical How To Fail At Being Perfect, will no doubt greatly aid her in this. Nele is also showing a commitment to her music in the live scene by assembling an all-female touring band united in matching stage outfits.

Nele Needs A Holiday is destined to be coming to a stage near you in the near future.




Review by Skye W. Winwood