Sugarspun are launching their career with debut single ‘Spaceman Dreams’

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It can never be stressed enough the important role fans play in the career of successful musicians. Through both the positive and negative, a committed audience are that fine line between fame and failure. Most musicians spend years building up a loyal fanbase and only then are they able to make their mark in the music industry. Sugarspun are already light years ahead of the game, having forged an army of fans willing to follow them to the edge of the universe and beyond. With popularity already in the bag, from only a handful of demos released on Soundcloud, the indie band are releasing their first single ‘Spaceman Dreams’ on April 6th.

Beginning in Carlisle, Cumbria as an acoustic two piece consisting of Jamie on vocals and Steven on guitar, Sugarspun received many reviews hailing them as talented musicians. Combined with fans pouring into their live shows, the two decided to rethink their plan and expand the band in every and any way they could. Now having members Michael (rhythm guitar), Luke (bass) and Andy (drums) on board from their local music scene, the band have ditched the acoustic sets in favour of a 90s infused rock sound in the form of ‘Spaceman Dreams.’

‘Spaceman Dreams’ is exactly what it says on the tin, a rocking track about achieving all you believe you can be and not stopping until you do. Playing on the familiar childhood hopes of becoming someone consequential to the world, ‘Spaceman Dreams’ shoots hook after hook to lure you into the euphoric musical world Sugarspun are creating. The lyrics drive home the powerful and important message that just because your dreams seem out of reach doesn’t mean you should stop reaching for them. With 60s song writing meeting 90s vibes, Sugarspun have the same song writing ability as The Faces but the British punk attitude of The Stone Roses.




Review by Skye W. Winwood