Billy Lockett’s new single ‘Empty House’ is bringing in the crowds

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Stripped back but still filled with emotion is the perfect way to describe Billy Lockett’s music. After only coming across the artist a few weeks ago, he made a lasting impression. A feeling shared by his ever-growing band of fans and admirers. Now solidifying his place in the music scene with his new single ‘Empty House.’

Listen to ‘Empty House’ live here:

Billy Lockett is the kind of musician where finding the words to describe his music is near impossible and would make more sense to just let his songs do the talking. Yet the feelings and emotions he is able to evoke within fans is not something easily contained. Billy has already received much love and support from a variety of fans and celebrities (such as Birdie and Lana Del Ray) and was marked as an artist to keep an eye on early on in his career. Billy’s main attraction is the connection he has with his music, which seems a ridiculous thing to say when all musicians should connect with their music but with Billy it seems to resonate deeper. In every chord and vocal you can hear the raw emotion, labour and dedication he has poured into the song and ‘Empty House’ is no different in this respect. Billy could be described as cautious and protective over his music, not allowing it to become lost in modified sound or an overwhelming of other instruments. He has always believed in organic music, the idea of a simple sound that can contain so much for people to relate to.

Billy writes the kind of songs that could only ever contain the emotions they do from being written in the moment. Created about events or feelings at the time and eradicating the risk of producing ‘fake’ music. Although you are more likely to cry than dance at a Billy Lockett performance, the high rising feelings of euphoria are still created. One of the main reasons the singer-songwriter has gained such a following so quickly is due to the honestly laced within his music. Yet Billy understands that music is a form of personal and therapeutic expression, meaning that his sound could change in the future and ‘Empty House’ could be the beginning of this. Filled with more instrumental variety than previous songs, the new single is a huge step forward for Billy and has the sensational sound of a movie soundtrack.

Whilst performing at London’s Union Chapel, Billy revealed he has signed to East West Records, news that has fans just as excited as the artist. Only just beginning his journey, Billy Lockett has exceptional promise coupled with unquestionable musical talent that will no doubt have him conquering the music world in no time.



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Review by Skye W. Winwood