Rainy Day Playlist

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Let’s be honest, the weather has the uncanny power of controlling our moods. How many mornings have you woken up with an active day planned, only to open your curtains to a wet world and just curl up on the sofa instead? Even if none of your plans involved venturing outside, there is just something about miserable weather that we use as an excuse to catch up on our favourite TV shows, films, books or just to indulge in a pass-time hobby. After having one of those very days myself I decided to create this playlist of soft and soothing tracks (from a mix of genres) to maybe give you the slightest bit of motivation to at least do the ironing. Or more likely just help you indulge in your inactive mood.

Fall Out Boy ‘Bishops Knife Trick’ 

Panic! At The Disco ‘Northern Downpour’

Panic! At The Disco ‘Always’

Panic! At The Disco ‘Impossible Year’

Evanescence ‘My Immortal’

Seether ft. Amy Lee ‘Broken’ 

Staind ‘It’s Been A While’ 

Staind ‘So Far Away’ 

Staind ‘Outside’

Metallica ‘Nothing Else Matters’

Disturbed ‘Sound Of Silence’

Alanis Morissette ‘Right Through You’

The Cranberries ‘Linger’

Dommin ‘My Reality’ (Acoustic) 

Dommin ‘These New Demons’ (Acoustic) 

Paolo Nutini ‘Tricks Of The Trade’

Radiohead ‘Karma Police’ 

My Chemical Romance ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’

Stone Sour ‘Imperfect’

Audioslave ‘I Am The Highway’ 

Audioslave ‘Getaway Car’

The Hush Sound ‘You Are The Moon’

The Hush Sound ‘Lighthouse’

The Hush Sound ‘Where We Went Wrong’

Paramore ‘The Only Exception’

Imagine Dragons ‘Next To Me’ 

Billy Lockett ‘Burn It Down’ 

Billy Lockett ‘Empty House’

Bright Eyes ‘Lua’

Angus & Julia Stone ‘For You’

Angus & Julia Stone ‘Santa Monica Dream’

Melpo Mene ‘Sharks Ahead’

Don McLean ‘Till Tomorrow’

Ruth B. ‘Lost Boy’

Death Cab For Cutie ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’

Allman Brown ‘Rivers’


By Skye W. Winwood