Sugarspun are showing their softer side with B-side ‘Hide’

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On Friday 6th April Suagrspun’s debut single ‘Spaceman Dreams’ was launched into orbit and is well on its way to completing its mission of boosting the band’s popularity. Since my first post about the band, ‘Spaceman Dreams’ has received a music video that contains all those soaring visuals the song evokes.

Give it a watch here:

With the release of the song, newcomers to the indie band might think they have Sugarspun all figured out. The arrival of B-side ballad ‘Hide’ has thrown us off and drawn us in all at once.

Listen to ‘Hide’ here:

If ‘Spaceman Dreams’ combines 60s song writing with 90s vibes, ‘Hide’ leans more towards the former style. Sugarspun have already proven how they can write fun and inspiring music but in contrast to their previous single, ‘Hide’ gives the band more depth. The B-side is more simplistic than ‘Spaceman Dreams’, striped down to a more acoustic sound that conveys feelings of isolation with sweet melancholy lyrics that have us all swaying in relation. The lyrics seem to be conveying a continuous search, highlighted in both the lyrics and unchanging sound throughout. The more romanticised sound transports you and makes you feel as if you are floating through some hypnotic dream.

Although ‘Hide’ may be a different mood to ‘Spaceman Dreams’ the song still has the very distinctive sound Sugarspun are creating for themselves.



Sugarspun are launching their career with debut single ‘Spaceman Dreams’


Review by Skye W.Winwood