Adam 888 takes us on a journey of cosmic spirituality with ‘Chakra 123’

Sometimes artists find music, other times the music seeks out the artists. In the case of Adam 888, music called out and took an unrelenting grip until the two became fused in a comic trap through which blissful sound would be made. Based in Sweden, Adam saw his career excel as a professional skier until eight years later when he realised music could provide a more suited platform. Through this platform Adam has created music he describes as ‘shamanistic soul’, a combination of his spiritual beliefs and melancholia. Using his music to learn more about himself and the universe beyond, Adam has released his single, ‘Chakra 123’, a deep exploration mixed with hip hop beats and vibrations.

Listen to ‘Charka 123’ here:

After recently signing with Warner Music, Adam has begun building a substantial fan base in America and invites anyone who are fans of his music to join him on this celestial journey. However, Adam is not starting a cult in which to tell people what they should believe but is instead sharing his own personal experience and encouraging others to do the same. With people connecting so deeply with music anyway, it makes sense to explore these themes of spirituality and leaves little surprise to the success in doing so with tracks such as ‘Chakra 123.’ The song is referencing the energy believed to travel through our first three charkas that filter incoming and outgoing energy. The idea is to connect with these chakras to better understand yourself, something Adam has expertly expressed in his music. ‘Chakra 123’ combines wisdom, positive vibes and a damn good sound for something you can either dance or meditate to. Even though it’s a genre of music I myself don’t usually listen to there is something captivating about ‘Chakra 123’ and leaves me thoroughly intrigued for the future of Adam’s music.

Propelled forward by a genuine love for the music he is creating and an unwavering connection to his beliefs as a pipeline of inspiration, Adam 888’s breakthrough journey has the potential to explore depths other artists can only dream of.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

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