The Survival Code are well on their way to stardom

Taking a page out of James Cordon’s book with carpool karaoke, The Survival Code have released a brand new single and music video from their upcoming album, Hopelessness of People. Already on the rock radar of many radio stations, such as Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio, with their first single, ‘Not Working’, this two-piece prog rock band are continuing to impress with ‘Along the Way’ being yet another all-out tune!

The Survival Code have made some serious noise with their entrance onto the music scene, but if for some reason you haven’t heard of them you can read my introduction blog piece on their first single by clicking the link below.

Survival Code are changing the game for rock bands in 2018

This year (2018) has seen the Biffy Clyro meets Royal Blood band playing, promoting and promising more and more awesome music on the lead up to their debut album release in August. ‘Not Working’ was an explosion of talent and a catchy chorus that laid out some of the themes we should be expecting from Hopelessness of People. The Survival Code are brilliant beyond their combination of classic and new rock sound because they are creating relatable music filled with struggles, hardships and finding the strength to overcome them. This strength can be found in the insane drumming and guitar riffs both ‘Not Working’ and ‘Along the Way’ are built upon. The Survival Code were not named on a whim but have themselves suffered many setbacks on the road to success, enough that it may have been easier to simply give up. Yet, in true rock and roll fashion, the band have stuck their middle fingers up to the world and turned their struggles into head banging music. ‘Along the Way’ tells a tale we all know too well, one of ups and downs, trying to make those around you proud only to fail. However, the upbeat tempo of the single reminds us that our story isn’t over yet and we can only keep moving forward.

The new single has also received a music video filmed in a similar quirky style to that of ‘Not Working.’ The video has the band singing to their own track along with friends interspersed with Gary and Tom’s energetic performances.

Watch the music video for ‘Along the Way’ here:

‘Along the Way’ is sensational and inspirational, fun and thoughtful. The Survival Code are already playing shows across the country and are a must see if the tales of their stage presence ring with any truth, which they undoubtedly do.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

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