Earth through psychedelic eyes with The Statue Thieves’ Laniakea

From the LCD laced waters of 1967, The Statue Thieves have arrived with their album Laniakea, a forty-minute psychedelic journey across planes you thought you knew. The Statue Thieves have created something out of this world whilst exploring the world we are all killing time on. Wanting to put out something that captures the hypnotic element of their live performances, Laniakea was recorded to tape in two days. The trippy yet polished sound is even more mind blowing knowing the time frame in which it was completed but The Statue Thieves are nothing if not pure-blooded musicians, their music practically breathing and pulsing with a sound to sweep you into their folds.

Consisting of Craig Ingham, Ivan Muela, Gennaro Olivero and Michal Domin, The Statue Thieves are a mix of My Morning Jacket, The Pretty Things and early Pink Floyd. This blend of band influences has allowed Laniakea to be an excursion into the human experience, each song delving deeper into the psyche until your lost in its transcendent sounds and chord rippling guitar riffs.

Watch the music video to lead track ‘Jacob’s Well’ here:

The album begins with the short and sweet ‘Laniakea (A New Time)’, a soft and slow introduction that eases you into the first stage of the Laniakea journey. Slipping into the return of a golden era for music, ‘Laniakea (A New Time)’ is a high starting point that only continues to soar as the album progresses. This smooth sound continues into the seductive ‘Why’d You Wake My Heart?’, the name appropriate by how it awakens the attraction of The Statue Thieves’ music, an almost hypnotic sound that continues to pull you in. Lead track, ‘Jacob’s Well’, is a floating fairy tale with a combination of lulling chord picking and jarring electric solos that vibrate throughout the body. The sound of ‘Jacob’s Well’ adds a little Audioslave flavour into the mix but overlaid with raspy vocals. ‘So Much Trouble’ is like a momentary escape with its wavering and hazy sound, the song transporting you out of the stratosphere and close to Nirvana.

Laniakea leaves you sated and relaxed, the album like music therapy. The Statue Thieves’ album is best experienced through headphones, the overwhelming but welcome music completely encompassing. Laniakea will be released in full on June 18th.

Experience Laniakea the way it’s meant to be heard by seeing The Statue Thieves live:

19th June – The Victoria, London (album launch show)
21st June – The Railway Hotel, Southend
23rd June – Bar Loco, Newcastle
24th June – The Cannon, Milton Keynes




Review by Skye W.Winwood


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