Breeding a new brand of rock star, Steele’s Paroxysm

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Music is emotional, I believe that goes without saying but sometimes there are songs and albums that become a part of us until we can’t remember who we were without them and Steele’s Paroxysm has the potential to be such an album. The title of ‘music artist’ does not even begin to describe the dark entanglement of Steele’s music but it starts some understanding into her complicated and intricate sound. To understand Steele’s music, you need to have some understanding of Steele herself but first make sure to give her song ‘Follow’ a listen by clicking the link below.

Listen to ‘Follow’:

Born Sara Steele in Stockholm, Sweden, Steele’s obsession with music began at an early age when she started playing the piano at five years old. Her transition into the music industry was a no brainer but attempts at training Steele in classical singing and composition proved futile, her free spirit and single minded thinking refusing to be caged by clichés and conventions. Steele wanted to produce honest music, fuelled with emotion and experience that people could find their own connections with, haters be damned! This determined and progressive way of thinking has lead to being featured three times in Rolling Stone and at Elle’s 2017 fashion show. Steel has only continued to rise in her pursuit of music even after tragedy tried to strike her down when she got meningitis. Fighting through the illness, and even after being left with epilepsy, Steele has proved truly victorious and has channelled these inspirational feelings into her new album, Paroxysm.

Paroxysm is a game changer, taking typical and mainstream pop conventions and tuning them on their heads, taking influence from innovative pop singers such as Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey. Supported by producers Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, Paroxysm is something utterly beautiful, harrowing and a perfect example of the music artists can create when they truly believe in their work. Through magical melodies, reverberating vocals and lyrical twists the album conveys so much, each song revealing something new with every listen – an album that needs to be played on an eternal loop. Lead track, ‘8AM’, is a slow burning torch, conveying feelings of deep devastation and finding the strength to move on from this devastation. A song for the lost trying to find their way, creating a welcome place in Steele’s music. The overwhelming swirl of emotions brings tears to the eyes and leaves a sense of being cleansed once all has faded to silence again. ‘Follow’ is an absolutely gorgeous track, both dark and addictive with drawn out verses giving way to a soaring chorus. Even the distortion around halfway through the song only adds to the twisted artistry of it, the music video perfectly capturing this with abstract visuals.

The completion of Paroxysm marks Steele finally finding her place in the music world and making no apologies for it, the album a true expression of unquestionable musical talent. Paroxysm is honest, emotional music at its very best and whilst Steele may not be looking to break records or sell out arenas, on her behalf I urge you to support Steele when Paroxysm is released on June 13th.


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Review by Skye W.Winwood