Dommin release new single ‘Beautiful as a Stranger’

In the music world, sometimes its difficult for musicians to remain true to who they are and must sacrifice their art for popularity. As upsetting as it can be for fans, we cannot truly blame them for conforming to further their careers. All we can do is hope that they find enough success to return to their roots and produce the music they want. Of course, music artists are free to explore and change throughout the years and many find success in doing this. However, it is refreshing to have bands like Dommin that can continue to produce brilliant music whilst never losing their staple sound. From Love is Gone through to Beautiful Crutch, it is undeniable the band have managed to maintain their unique and signature sound, and this has only been further proven by Dommin’s latest single ‘Beautiful as a Stranger.’

Listen to ‘Beautiful as a Stranger’ here:

Dommin are classified as an alternative rock band but I argue that we may need to think up a new genre to better describe their vibe, something that better encompasses the poetic romance of their music. Being an old romantic, I instantly fell in love with Dommin’s harrowing take on romance explored through dark metaphors in intricate beauty when I first came across Love is Gone eight years ago. In classic Dommin fashion, ‘Beautiful as a Stranger’ is not a fairy tale love story dressed up in unrealistic balcony scenes and smothered with rose petals, but an honest portrayal of modern day attraction told through the eyes of a romantic. The lyrics of the song focus on the seduction of mystery and denying anything that could shatter that illusion. The beat of the song is almost desperate with lead singer, Kristofer Dommin, giving a vocal performance that captures and hypnotises in the same way the narrator is fascinated by this stranger. The verses embody the desperation to remain in the dark whilst the chorus floats us through the dream of thinking you’re in love. ‘Beautiful as a Stranger’ is no doubt a cynical take on romance, hinting that getting to know someone and opening up to them is what inevitably can lead to a downfall, but the song is presented so beautifully that you’ll do all you can to ignore its truth.

‘Beautiful as a Stranger’ is the band’s first single release since their last album, Beautiful Crutch, in 2016 and has come with the promise of more new music in the months to come. Hopefully, the new music will lead to a new album or even a tour and some UK dates would sure be swell.




Review by Skye W.Winwood

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