Countdown of the best Hillywood Show parodies

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As The Hillywood Show gear up for the release of the highly anticipated sequel to their Supernatural parody (simply titled ‘Supernatural Parody 2’) I wanted to journey back over the years to give praise to the brilliant and inspirational musical creations the Hindi sisters have given us. From their humble Twilight beginnings up to their block buster, movie rivalling present, below is a countdown of my seven personal favourite Hillywood Show productions including both their parodies and original music videos.

Breaking Dawn Parody
Whether you loved it or hated it, in 2012 we were all still trapped in the Twilight Saga zone but The Hillywood Show’s ‘Breaking Dawn Parody’ is something we can all agree on – nothing short of cinematic and comedy gold. Even back in the Youtube channel’s early days, Hilly and Hannah never compromised on the quality of their parodies and ‘Breaking Dawn Parody’ is the one that really began to set the standards for all parodies to come. Beginning with beautifully digitally created scenery, this parody keeps the laughs coming right up until the end where we are all left on the edge of our seats for the collection’s completion. Using Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ to parallel Bella’s fairy tale romance with Edward against ‘Give Me Everything’ by Pitbull ft. Ne-yo that fits perfectly with Jacob’s hilarious animalistic hormones. The contrasting songs provide cleverly scripted comedy along with The Hillywood Show’s iconic eye for detail. ‘Breaking Dawn Parody’ is unquestionably one of Hillywood’s best creations also by how they shake things up at the four-minute mark to deliver a ridiculously funny and over the top pregnancy and birth to ‘(You’re) Having My Baby’ by Paul Anka and Odia Coates.

President Gaga
The Hillywood Show had me smitten with the first video of theirs I ever watched but that love only continued to grow when they began using Lady Gaga’s songs frequently in their parodies (the sisters being huge fans themselves). When Hillywood came out with ‘President Gaga’ in 2013, I knew there was nothing these girls could do that I wouldn’t love. A celebration of freaks, freedom and Gaga, ‘President Gaga’ imagines a world where Barack Obama was never elected President, an upsetting alternative universe if it wasn’t for the fact that Mother Monster takes the job instead. Cycling through some of Gaga’s most iconic looks and pulling each of them off to an original song, ‘President Gaga’ was like nothing The Hillywood Show had done before, not on this scale. Whilst parodying the 2012 elections, the video itself is a completely unique and original sketch, broadening both the capability and the lovability of The Hillywood Show.

Warm Bodies Parody 
The Hillywood Show really have a knack for pairing some of my favourite movies and TV Shows with some of my favourite songs and their ‘Warm Bodies Parody’ is one of my favourite examples of this (other than their ‘Doctor Who Parody’ but we will get to that later). Even when watching Warm Bodies in the cinema, I remember thinking to myself, ‘how great would it be if The Hillywood Show parodied this to ‘Monster’?’ Low and behold, my prayers were heard with ‘Warm Bodies Parody’ completely blowing me away by how they took Lady Gaga’s song and turned it into something of a comedic art. With each parody it’s obvious The Hillywood Show have grown in quality, experience and popularity allowing them, in this instance, to use the actual costumes worn by Nicolas Holt and Teresa Palmer in Warm Bodies. Most of the comedy comes from how oblivious R and Julie are to the grotesque violence around them because of their blooming romance, subtly acknowledging the odd subject of the living dating the dead but having fun with it nonetheless. The acting of Hilly and Clayton Velasquez captures the innocence and confusion of R and Julie’s relationship in the same sweet comedy portrayed in the movie but accompanies it with some killer dance choreography that goes down in Hillywood history as one of my favourite dance sequences.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody 
When I heard the news that J. R. R Tolkien’s The Hobbit was finally being given its moment in the cinema spotlight, I didn’t think I could be any happier, that was until The Hillywood Show created ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody.’ Unlike their other parodies, ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody’ only focuses on one scene in the movie but extend it into something that rivals all three actual films for the enjoyment it gives. ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody’ marries middle earth with Fresher’s Week by using LMFAO’s ‘Shots’, each of the unexpected party members giving enthusiastic lip syncs much to poor Bilbo’s growing dismay.

Doctor Who Parody 
To understand the love I have for this parody just imagine roaring applause coming from the audience sat before the stage the dance scenes take place on but then the camera panning to reveal only me in the crowd. ‘Doctor Who Parody’ takes The Hillywood Show further than they had ever been before by not only parodying a beloved TV show but by also parodying a beloved film by using The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s ‘Time Warp.’ Truly the only way to describe this parody is flawless, the attention to detail being paid to much more than costumes or choreography (although both are absolutely brilliant) but also to spot on character impersonations and voice acting. Using the golden age of David Tenannt’s doctor, ‘Doctor Who Parody’ is filled with clever links to scenes in both Doctor Who and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Hocus Pocus Parody
Much like ‘Warm Bodies Parody,’ and ‘Doctor Who Parody’, ‘Hocus Pocus Parody’ combines both a movie and song favourite with ‘Kidnap the Sandy Claws’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas being rewritten to fit Winnie, Sarah and Mary’s child-napping evil doings. Taking inspiration from Tim Burton’s creation, the parody plays out with the same charm and hilarity as when Lock, Shock, and Barrel scheme to kidnap Farther Christmas. Whilst being short and sweet, ‘Hocus Pocus Parody’ is by no means simple, the intricate costumes being recreated thread for thread with the help of long time Hillywood member Maria Maldonado (Hilly and Hannah’s grandmother). Even more unnerving than singing along to witches planning to steal children, is Hilly, Hannah and Molly Cochran’s spot-on character impersonations, the three showcasing their skills if a Hocus Pocus remake ever came into play.

Suicide Squad Parody
Whilst Suicide Squad may have left some DC fans disappointed, ‘Suicide Squad Parody’ is bound to lift your spirits no matter your reaction to the film. Parodying both the deleted scenes and the ones that actually made the cut, ‘Suicide Squad Parody’ is visually stunning, action packed and focuses on Harley’s dysfunctional relationship with the Joker through a rewriting of Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas.’ Going even further than parodying the movie and song, ‘Suicide Squad Parody’ is also a near scene by scene parody of the music video to ‘Judas’. Reimaging scenes in the world of DC and perfectly integrating them into the Suicide Squad story line, including the accurate and fast paced dance choreography.

Before signing off this blog post I have to give a couple of honourable mentions to both ‘Stranger Things Parody’ and ‘The Dark Knight Parody.’ ‘Stranger Things Parody’ deserves a place on this countdown but seeing as it got its own blog post not that long ago, it goes without saying that it goes down as a definite favourite. However, ‘The Dark Knight Parody’ receives an honourable mention for being a fallen soldier to copyright laws. Unfortunately, the parody was removed from Youtube due to the copyrighted music but it was a parody as impressive as any of the rest and a shame that it cannot be viewed on The Hillywood Show’s channel.

All the parodies listed come with their own ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos and I cannot stress more the benefit that comes from watching these. To see the hard work, dedication, struggles and fun The Hillywood Show go through to produce these fan-funded parodies will only make you appreciate them more.




By Skye W.Winwood