The return of Twenty One Pilots

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Since their mainstream emergence in 2013, the duo known as Twenty One Pilots have relentlessly circled my musical peripheral. Yet, for a reason I cannot decipher, I have never really delved further than their most popular singles such as ‘Ride’, ‘Heathens’, ‘Stressed Out’ and the like. However, even though I may not follow the band directly, the associated artists I do follow have kept me up to date on all the inner Clique news. For that reason, when Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun announced the release of new music after a year of silence, I found myself as intrigued as any long-time fan. Whilst ‘Nico and the Niners’ is a follow on of the sound I have come to expect from Twenty One Pilots, ‘Jumpsuit’ is a song I am still currently trying to digest and will attempt to do so in this blog post.

See what I mean by watching the music video for ‘Jumpsuit’ here:

Not being an avid Clique member means there are most likely many inner working elements of the ‘Jumpsuit’ music video that went directly over my head, so I will be leaving that alone (for now). However, ‘Jumpsuit’ solely as a song is something I can appreciate in full and breakdown as the insanely additive single it is. The pop/rap sound I have come to associate with Twenty One Pilots has been utterly destroyed by The White Stripes like bass explosion kicking of ‘Jumpsuit’, vibrating hard and working well with the distortion of Tyler’s voice as backing vocals. Yet, the song doesn’t leave any time for the sound to become stale (if that were even possible) by switching things to a softer, pop verse you would think to be more fitting to Tyler’s equally soft vocals. This assumption is completely turned on it’s head around the three-minute, twenty seconds mark when the vocals descend into a dark and angry screamo that builds with drums and is fuelled by pure emotion. The vocals alone evoke throw back Thirty Seconds to Mars vibes and is a musical direction I could completely support the duo taking.

This new era of Twenty One Pilots could possibly see more of a lean toward a heavier sound for their upcoming album, Trench, which will be available on October 5th. Whether or not this is the case, ‘Jumpsuit’ has me completely invested in the band in a way I have never been before.




Review by Skye W.Winwood