Harp Samuels’ celestial new single ‘Breathe’

album, Electronic, folk, Singer-songwriter, single

Life and restrictions have stopped so many talented and creative music artists from following their dreams. Harp Samuels could have faded and become one of these lost gems but perseverance, dedication and passion have driven him forward to release the first single, ‘Breathe’, from his forthcoming album of the same name.

Born in Melbourne, Australia with duel citizenship in New Zealand, Harp’s music is innovative and beautiful in its simplicity. After losing his father last year, Harp had to make the decision whether to pursue his music or let things fade to silence. Thankfully, Harp took all the pain and grief and turned them into art of a heart wrenching quality with ‘Breathe’ being the first glimpse at this transformation. Previous album, Wanting, showcased Harp’s unique take on the folktronica genre to create atmospheric music it is easy to become lost in. The music of Harp Samuels is spiritual and cathartic, forgetting all the glossy contemporary music of today to deliver something made with long labour and love.

Beginning as a sombre and simple melody, Harp’s rare and unique vocals quickly capture the attention and flow through your heart with a sound that almost vibrates with the truth and pain they bleed. Pleasing to the ear, the intro to ‘Breathe’ is enough to draw you in but Harp goes further to bring us a mixture of tinkling and humming sounds supported by a rhythmic drum beat, the combination otherworldly and completely transfixing. The delicate and fragile vibe of the song created by swooning synths and slight distortion manages to be both therapeutic and hopeful. ‘Breathe’ is a reminder to cherish the fleeting moments but to also embrace the beginnings of new ones because life is ever moving forward and fighting against it will only leave us defeated in the long run.

Breathe is to be released on September 14th of this year and has been painstakingly written, performed, mixed and produced by Harp himself at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne and will be a flowing album of the fragility and triumph of the human spirit. ‘Breathe’ leaves little doubt that the album will be something to be cherished and held dear by all who listen.


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Review by Skye W.Winwood