Antonia Grace releases hit new single ‘My Little Ten’

Antonia Grace has already proved her worth as both a singer and an actor. Her latest single ‘My Little Ten’ sees Grace’s outlook on today’s world – detailing her realisation that it isn’t a fairytale and of her first impressions of adult problems, from climate change to pandemics.

‘My Little Ten’ (listen below) reflects the makings of a true chart-topper, with a hard hitting beat and catchy chorus to suit. The track follows Grace’s debut track ‘N.E. THING’ which was released in October 2019.

French-born Antonia Grace could certainly never be accused of taking her time, acting in musical theatre since she was only five-years old and performing as a singer in front of 1000 people when she was still only seven.

She has quickly adapted to writing her own lyrics, keen to give young people of her age a voice in a society which often silences anyone below the voting bracket.

Antonia has already performed live in not only her native France (at the l’Isle Adam music festival) but also at a vocal showcase in Los Angeles, where she won Best Music Video at the Vocalstar Awards, beating hundreds of other competitors, whilst also rubbing shoulders with a number of highly praised producers.

Antonia Grace’s industry knowledge is also well above her age, taking inspiration to get vocal coaching lessons and release her music from none other than Depeche Mode singer, Dave Gahan. Taken by her parents to see the band when she was seven, she became obsessed with appearing on stage in front of thousands and has never looked back.

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