Franki Pineapple crushes with her anti-establishment anthem ‘F**k It Man’


A rebel anthem that’s catchy as hell and full of expletives, Frank Pineapple has created a single that encourages you to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and no longer care about the chains of monotonous everyday life.

Guitar heavy with an intoxicating use of electronic components, ‘Fuck it Man’ is raw and the perfect introduction to modern punk. Carrying exciting anarchist energy with hints of sweetness, Franki is sharp but utterly enjoyable, much like her alias.

While some may think it excessive, the use of the ‘F’ word is painted as empowering and carries real freedom when repeated in the single. Rather than coming across vulgar, it takes on a feeling of authenticity – this is a spark of musical rage and so the swearing is more than appropriate for Franki Pineapple’s brand. It challenges some mainstream music conventions whilst adding a personal spin on the message.

This apparent defiance is mirrored in the artist herself, perfectly demonstrated in a confrontation with Apple Inc who took issues with her branding: “Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong; I had infringed on Apple in no way; all I had done was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion; I knew I could not back down and so I decided to fight.”Franki

A true storyteller at heart with trysts as a screenwriter, novelist and journalist leading up to her debut as a singer-songwriter, nothing about this track feels forced or anything less than truthful. Further backed up by her simple existence in the music world being stirring up trouble, the message is clear from this artist: be loud, be authentic and don’t let others ruin your fun.

Not only taking on corporate arrogance but also a lack of real ‘fuck it’ songs on the scene, Franki’s ‘Fuck It Man’ is a breath of fresh air and will bring out the wild child in anyone who listens.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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