Get ready to rediscover the meaning of music with Araya’s new album ‘Atlas’

Surreal and atmospheric, ‘Atlas’ is a refreshing journey through self-discovery, artistry and real vocal ability. Regardless of your music preferences, Araya’s voice transcends favouritism and while he delivers a spine-tingling performance on each track, demonstrating a true talent.

The 14 track album is a stylistic reflection on the artist and all components that make up Araya, a prime example of this being’ Color Palette’. The album’s lead track is accompanied by a music video the dives into the concepts explored musically: the importance of design, style, and how the visual enhances the auditory.

The smooth instrumental fully immerses the listener into the track and the world of Araya. With hints of rebellion and following your authentic self, ‘Color Palette’ sets the tone of ‘Atlas’ perfectly.

Listen to Atlas’s lead track ‘Color Palette’ here

The album structure melds together well and creates a seamless flow that aids the listening experience, further heightened by highlight tracks littered throughout.

‘Gemini’ (which also has an accompanying video found on Araya’s YouTube channel) is serene and introspective. It breaks through the fuzz of current mainstream offerings with an air of intelligence and intriguing lyricism with captivating pacing and lo-fi energy. The track’s dark electronic instrumental sets the scene for a song that washes over the listener, wrapping you up in soft vocals and layered harmonies. ‘Sad Song’ offers something stripped back but focus pulling. The underlying riff is steady, providing solid backing, with fun instances of synth that culminate in a moody tone that further elevates the lyrics.

‘TV’ is a master class in creating an atmosphere. Its intro emulates an old scratchy broadcast bleeding into a catchy flow and rhythmic vocals that breathe life into a potentially mediocre backing. The album also contains effective collaborations with Ultimidly, BEWARE LX and Koma which are real hidden gems.

“Atlas is my personal guide to self-discovery; each major event, revelation and freedom has led to furthering ever changing versions of both myself and my art. As the project neared completion, I had felt like a weathered superhero amongst my own set of avenger accomplices; I had just felt so comfortable, confident and able…

It wasn’t until I stepped out of the way of my own self; put my worries and anxieties aside to nurture my dreams that I felt able to feel an honest safety in myself and my people. Finding this sort of “Eden” right under my nose in my own strengths and special qualities is the first major thing I hope to pass on to my fellow humans floating through this universe. It’s all inside of us and we’ve always been enough, that’s how me and my art feels existing right now.”Araya

Overall, ‘Atlas‘ is an engaging release that still allows listeners to sit back and enjoy the content. Araya has created an archive of self-expression that many will relate to, whilst he’s avoided clichés that could cheapen the ethereal experience presented. It is a real must listen and something no one should let pass by.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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