Melodic rap with an impact awaits anyone who listens to Leoscappin’s upcoming EP ‘Alienated’

Dropping February 5th, ‘Alienated’ is Leoscappin’s latest effort after releasing a string of singles, the first being ‘Go Kart’ which dropped in September 2020. Leoscappin grew up in Sao Paolo with Japanese heritage but has now settled in England, where he produces American-influenced melodic hip hop for those who feel disenfranchised by society.

The lead track from the EP is the stellar ‘Lost You’ which mixes ethereal production with a noticeable gritty edge. The track is well-paced with an underlying bouncy beat that keeps the song alive from start to finish, whilst energetic vocals carry the instrumentals. It’s captivating melody compliments the chosen flow, as they blend seamlessly to create an all-encompassing snapshot for the rest of the EP.

“I try to make all my songs have a different feeling and vibe. Some will make you think about your life, others are just for parties and some are just me trying to tell a story. I usually have an idea as soon as I listen to the beat and will follow through with that for the whole song, meaning if I don’t vibe with the beat in the first few seconds I’ll just move on”.Leoscappin

Make sure to listen to ‘Lost You’ and other noticeable tracks such as ‘Fly High’ and ‘Focused’ when ‘Alienated’ drops Feb 5th.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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