Anita Gabrielle’s EP ‘Just Neat’ is raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease

Anita Gabrielle has been pushing boundaries and making a mark well before this EP. From being a woman to being openly apart of the LGBTQ+ community in the music industry, Anita uses her talent and voice to support and raise awareness for various causes.

With ‘Just Neat’, Anita’s efforts have been inspired by her brother, Michael, who lives with Parkinson’s Disease, with the EP raising both funds and awareness for those who live with the condition.

Any money made from the six-track EP will go towards Parkinson’s research, while fans in the mean time are able to donate through a Just Giving Page set up by Anita:

Anita introducing the project on her YouTube channel

The EP itself is heartwarming, emotional and sweet. It is perfectly summed up with the first track ‘Best Friends’ which also has contributions (vocal and piano) from Amy Wadge, a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter whose interest in the project was sparked after witnessing Anita’s efforts.

Obviously, I was absolutely thrilled to be supported by someone with the credentials of an artist like Amy, who not only has worked with Ed Sheeran but many other major artists such as Camila Cabello and Lady Antebellum too”.Anita

The remaining tracks on the EP maintain a rich, soothing tone, with pops of personality throughout. Songs such as ‘I Want To Go Outside Again’ show off a bouncy pop instrumental which contrasts nicely with other offerings such as ‘Got You Covered’, which presents a more country-centric sound.

Not only is the EP for a good cause, but it is an enjoyable listening experience for all; ‘Just Neat’ offers heavenly vocals with flowing acoustic backing no matter which songs you listen too, all in the name of Anita’s brother, Michael.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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