Forget everything you know about genres with J Carlyle’s new single ‘Intruder Alert’

With fusions of R&B, dancehall and sprinkles of grime, J Carlyle is starting 2021 with a bang. Well, with an ‘Intruder Alert’ to be more accurate. His newest single, which dropped February 5th, is rhythmic and will have you undoubtedly bopping along.

The track is utterly modern, dripping with style and full of attitude, with a reoccurring siren sound that sets the experience off. The lyrical flow is captivating and refreshing, rather than feeling overproduced it takes on a natural tone. ‘Intruder Alert’ never comes across as rushed or hectic; it oozes skill and professionalism. J Carlyle proves that he knows how to produce a track for the masses.

Carlyle is not only musically talented but also an advocate for mental health, saying that his music is inspired by the real world around him and his work in a hospital dealing with sufferers of mental health conditions. He says he is a huge supporter of music being used to support or offer a healthy version of escapism to those with mental health problems too.

“I consider myself an advocate for mental health because it’s a topic which is extremely close to me. Over the last 10 years I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum from working in one of the largest mental health institutions in East Midlands, looking after people from all walks of life whose mental health has deemed them a risk to society or their own well-being. I myself have suffered with mental health issues also. This journey prompted me to work with Channel 4 and local councils to create a music programme for the youth.”  – J Carlyle

Overall, ‘Intruder Alert’ is stylish, sleek and a prime example of how fusing genres can elevate music further when done well. J Carlyle is an under-the-radar artist to watch, with ‘Intruder Alert’ serving as the first of several tracks planned for this year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled also for J Carlyle’s future spoken word performances and poetry books that are set to make everyone’s 2021 that bit more interesting.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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