Lexxicon is ready to stir up your playlists with his upcoming EP ‘Bashment SZN’

Ellen Oakley

With high, immersive energy and a bold personality, Lexxicon will have every moment in lockdown feeling like a party. A fusion of culture, grit and passion, the upcoming EP dropping April 7th holds nothing back and delivers a good time all round.

Bringing together his Jamaican roots with a mixture of Bashment, Dancehall, Grime and R&B, Lexxicon manages to create an intense sound that maintains a melodic flow without losing any of the guts that the tracks have. Listeners can find all this spirit in the released single ‘Pon di Floor’ (February 26th), which offers a snapshot of the EP without revealing too much. The track in question radiates infectious confidence, with an easy to identify vocal performance that shines throughout. The instrumental is catchy and has a clear direction. This style is visualised excellently in the songs music video, which matches the tone and elevates the track further with a rich colour palette and a dash of realism that adds a sense of artistic ability outside of music.

With evident respect and love for his influences, Lexxicon manages to claim a slice of the sound as his own. Unapologetic in his background, he creates music that is, in a word, joyful. It’s fun, flashy and full of life, making the listening experience one you want to repeat over and over again. Lexxicon carries an air of professionalism that makes listeners feel comfortable and allows them to sit back and enjoy.

“I am so excited about this EP because it feels like something Beenie Man would make if he was musically reborn in my generation, anyone that loved 90’s dancehall is gonna love this EP”Lexxicon

Overall, people should be excited about Bashment SZN’s drop as it promises to be unashamedly excellent. Until then, make sure to give ‘Pon di Floor’ a listen to tide you over until April 7th.

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