Billy Mick is unapologetically himself in his latest single ‘The Tourist’

Leaving the bright lights and childhood whimsy of Disney World for the streets of Manchester, Billy Mick explores the themes of acceptance, individuality and self with an uplifting instrumental and effervescent flair. Inspired by Mick’s attendance at 2018’s Manchester Pride, the song takes on anthemic qualities that drive home the feelings of unity experienced by the writer at the event, allowing listeners to access the pure joy radiated from ‘The Tourist’ whenever they need a pick me up.

In 2018, my husband and I attended Manchester Pride as part of our trip to the U.K. We were so amazed at the overwhelming sense of acceptance, love and community we felt when we were there! The streets were filled with drag queens, lesbians, straight people, bears, twinks…and everyone was actually celebrating together.” – Billy Mick

Pop excellence combined with glam rock vocals and style, ‘The Tourist’ feels like it could have come straight from the ’80s. The backing is infectious and carries absolute freedom to it, and the vocals drip with power – of being unapologetically yourself. Reminiscent of Billy Joel’s ‘ We Didn’t Start The Fire’, with its quick verses and catchy choruses, it’s easy to find yourself singing along with Mick as he tackles common feelings created by the current social climate.

Accompanied by a music video that embodies the spirit of the track effortlessly, with lots of colour, personality and topped off with a collection of unique jackets, ‘The Tourist’ is a track that will lift spirits and have listeners dancing along to the synth swells like no one is watching.

Overall, ‘The Tourist’ is a celebration of individuality set to a fun score and theatrical vocal performance. Taken from Billy Mick’s upcoming album ‘Levelling Up’, it is eclectic and eccentric with all the right dramatics to make a good time in audio form. Mick is an artist through and through. Stamping his creative direction and skill all over the single in a way all can enjoy, ‘The Tourist’ is a whirlwind of emotion, acceptance and passion no one could ignore.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

Post Author: monkjackblog