Opus i By The Anders Helmerson Trio To Be Released Very Soon

The Anders Helmerson Trio, consisting of bandleader Anders Helmerson on piano, Lukasz Chula on bass, and Juan Meija on drums, is set to release their next album, called Opus i, on August 1st. Drawing upon countless musical genres, including classical, jazz, prog rock, and folklore, the upcoming album by this trio delivers something unlike anything that has been heard before, especially in contemporary jazz.

The lead track off of Opus i, “iSchertzo,” is just a sampling of what the Anders Helmerson Trio plans to unveil with their upcoming album. With its constant genre-changing sound, via drum and bass alterations underneath a jazzy classical piano, “iSchertzo” and the rest of the album are nearly impossible to define. You can find the trio performing “iSchertzo” on YouTube here.

Not only is the trio’s second album influenced by the various genres of music, there are also influences from the society that we live in today and all of the technological advancements within.

“The concept of the letter i, he says, stems from a train of thoughts of random words starting on i as; infinity, improvisation, imagination… where ideas are flowing in a constant stream. My music is conceived in an iworld. The technology support my creative flow, helps me organise my ideas, combining them in different ways, to see it in its entirety, and to define its emotional meaning.” – Anders Helmerson

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Words by Brendon Gardner

Post Author: monkjackblog