True Religion Unveils Newest Funky Single, “Que Bonita”

Consisting of a 50-year-old neuropsychologist and a 30-year-old DJ, the duo known as True Religion brings a unique perspective to underground house and techno music, especially on their latest single “Que Bonita.” Utilizing both Spanish and English influences, True Religion is able to create a sound that is very rare in underground house and techno music. Along with the duo, “Que Bonita” also features virtuosic flamenco guitarist Juan Carmona and vocalist Amy Gill.

“Que Bonita” opens with a flamenco that features Gill and Carmona together but quickly evolves into a driving funky groove. Combining both Spanish and English cultures, Gill sings in both English and Spanish throughout the track as the beat grows and adds more layers.

Lyrically, “Que Bonita” depicts the growing passion between two strangers, or soon to be lovers, in a bar or club. This subject matter is not foreign to True Religion but it is delivered in a much different manner than some of their other songs, such as “Consciousness.”

“Que Bonita” was also released alongside a music video. The video features two impassioned lovers, older in age, that still live life to the fullest and keep their fiery spark going. Although it does not show what I initially imagined the song would be about when I first heard it, this representation of the song still amplifies its message about love and passion withstanding time. The message of the song and the music seem to keep the lovers enthralled with each other, which is exactly what True Religion wants of its listeners… to be enthralled.

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Words by Brendon Gardner

Post Author: monkjackblog