“The Programming Is Wrong” By The Royal Belgian Conspiracy – Out Now

The Melbourne and Canberra-based group known as The Royal Belgian Conspiracy released their latest single, entitled “The Programming Is Wrong,” on August 20th. This is the third single off of the group’s upcoming album, Ghosts & Whispers, set to be released sometime in the near future.

Lyrically, “The Programming Is Wrong” is about being in a place that you never thought you would see yourself. This does not necessarily mean what place physically but instead spiritually, mentally, financially, occupationally, or in virtually any other aspect. This song is a subtle reminder that plans never really work out and it serves as a realization and reiteration of that reality.

“I wanted to write a song that takes listeners on a ride, with every verse having a different feel whilst remaining true to the melody and mood of the song. The song is about waking up one day and realising that you are in a very different place to where you thought you would ever be, something akin to waking up inside your dreams and being stuck there.” – The Royal Belgian Conspiracy

Musically, The Royal Belgian Conspiracy continually adds layers as “The Programming Is Wrong” progresses, ebbs, and flows. Starting with just guitar and vocals, the song eventually adds piano, percussion, and strings, along with haunting harmonies to better capture the intended message.

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Words by Brendon Gardner

Post Author: monkjackblog