Fiona Apple Covers Sharon Van Etten’s “Love More” On Newest Single

Genre-crossing artist Fiona Apple released her latest single, “Love More,” a cover of Sharon Van Etten’s “Love More,” on April 15th. Fiona Apple’s version of “Love More” was also featured on Sharon Van Etten’s 10th anniversary edition of epic Ten, the album on which “Love More” was originally featured. Fiona Apple’s version of “Love More” […]

Young Metal Band Known As Icarus Release Latest Single “Castaway At Best”

Icarus, the youthful alternative metal group from Watford, released their newest single, “Castaway At Best,” today. Icarus got their start in 2020 with the release of their single called “Bleeding Out” which was shortly followed by their EP entitled Undivided Attention. “Castaway At Best” is the group’s first release of 2021 and since Undivided Attention. […]

Scary Pockets Teams Up With Bahamas For Latest Single “The Power of Love”

Los Angeles-based dynamic funk group called Scary Pockets releases new single, “The Power of Love,” on July 12th. For this release, Scary Pockets teamed up with singer-songwriter Bahamas to deliver this funky Huey Lewis & The News cover. Scary Pockets exclusively covers songs and adds their own funky twist on each cover while featuring a […]

True Religion Unveils Newest Funky Single, “Que Bonita”

Consisting of a 50-year-old neuropsychologist and a 30-year-old DJ, the duo known as True Religion brings a unique perspective to underground house and techno music, especially on their latest single “Que Bonita.” Utilizing both Spanish and English influences, True Religion is able to create a sound that is very rare in underground house and techno […]

Opus i By The Anders Helmerson Trio To Be Released Very Soon

The Anders Helmerson Trio, consisting of bandleader Anders Helmerson on piano, Lukasz Chula on bass, and Juan Meija on drums, is set to release their next album, called Opus i, on August 1st. Drawing upon countless musical genres, including classical, jazz, prog rock, and folklore, the upcoming album by this trio delivers something unlike anything […]

Reigno introduces the world to his own brand of introspective hip hop with his latest drop ‘Three Fours’

Ellen Oakley Reigno teases listeners with what they can expect from his upcoming EP ‘Content With Crazy’, dropping May 7th, with his latest release ‘Three Fours’. The track is bold and unapologetic. He reinvigorates the genre whilst maintaining slick professionalism and raw intelligence, demonstrating a level of sincerity, which is a refreshing addition to the […]

Wavewulf brings listener’s to infinity and beyond with latest release ‘Space Art and Angels’

Ellen Oakley Encompassing topics of discovery, the cosmos and the human condition, Wavewulf presents a true musical journey into space with his album ‘Space Art and Angels’ available for listener’s everywhere to buckle up and explore the realms of electronic music seemingly outside of reality. The sixteen-track album is brimming with life, managing to feel […]

Killing Kenny’s reimagining of Soft Cell and Bruce Springsteen on ‘Exactly Different’ should be at the top of your covers playlist

Ellen Oakley Covers can be a tricky thing. Artists can trip up by straying too far from the original content, or on the other end of the spectrum, they can go too far and leave the magic of the originator and replace it with something new but not necessarily elevated. Whenever covers are featured on […]

Judith Haustein oozes class and style in her latest release ‘Freeze’

Ellen Oakley German musician, producer and composer Judith Haustein offers a blend of smooth crooning vocals and swoon-worthy melodies with her new single ‘Freeze’. Complimented with a starkly modern vocal feature near the end (MC BNZ) that carries the trip-hop vibe, the track is fun from beginning to end, overflowing with charm and swing energy […]

Sira Garcias’ latest album ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2’ offers a true spiritual experience

Ellen Oakley After over a decade in the making, Sira Garcias has married her two life passions in music and alternative medicine, for her latest release ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2’. The album intends to help listeners relax and meditate through compositions that incorporate classical nuances and serene instrumentals. […]

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