“Dance Shoes” By Aneero Out Now

Ghana-born and U.K.-raised artist, Aneero, brings a fun, danceable dancehall song with “Dance Shoes.” The debut single for Aneero was released on September 1st and he’s only been growing in popularity since then. “I wanted something a bit more original from the South that also displayed their culture so I got the original Southern vibe […]

Acclaimed Pianist, Brenda Lucas Ogdon, Is Set To Release Album Of Ravel Renditions Called “Ravel Que J’Aime”

Brenda Lucas Ogdon, a critically acclaimed pianist from the United Kingdom, is set to release a series of renditions of Maurice Ravel’s works in her latest album called Ravel Que J’Aime. Ogdon has played in every corner of the world and with some of the best orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal […]

“The Programming Is Wrong” By The Royal Belgian Conspiracy – Out Now

The Melbourne and Canberra-based group known as The Royal Belgian Conspiracy released their latest single, entitled “The Programming Is Wrong,” on August 20th. This is the third single off of the group’s upcoming album, Ghosts & Whispers, set to be released sometime in the near future. Lyrically, “The Programming Is Wrong” is about being in […]

Electro Pop Artist, Emperors, Releases Debut Single, “We Are The Emperors”

The electro pop debut single by Emperors called “We Are The Emperors” was released on March 22nd. Emperors is made up of drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra unafraid to break boundaries and norms in the electro pop scene and the music scene in general while still creating a fun, lively, and inviting atmosphere. If one word was […]

Zen Dub Releases Latest Single “Invoke” From His Upcoming Album “Enigma”

Glastonbury-based DJ and producer, Zen Dub, released his latest single, “Invoke,” on August 20th, which is the lead single off of the artist’s upcoming album entitled Enigma. Kai Norton, the genius behind Zen Dub, takes most of his influence from varying philosophical and musical practices across the world, which can easily be heard and recognized […]

Fiona Apple Covers Sharon Van Etten’s “Love More” On Newest Single

Genre-crossing artist Fiona Apple released her latest single, “Love More,” a cover of Sharon Van Etten’s “Love More,” on April 15th. Fiona Apple’s version of “Love More” was also featured on Sharon Van Etten’s 10th anniversary edition of epic Ten, the album on which “Love More” was originally featured. Fiona Apple’s version of “Love More” […]

Young Metal Band Known As Icarus Release Latest Single “Castaway At Best”

Icarus, the youthful alternative metal group from Watford, released their newest single, “Castaway At Best,” today. Icarus got their start in 2020 with the release of their single called “Bleeding Out” which was shortly followed by their EP entitled Undivided Attention. “Castaway At Best” is the group’s first release of 2021 and since Undivided Attention. […]

Scary Pockets Teams Up With Bahamas For Latest Single “The Power of Love”

Los Angeles-based dynamic funk group called Scary Pockets releases new single, “The Power of Love,” on July 12th. For this release, Scary Pockets teamed up with singer-songwriter Bahamas to deliver this funky Huey Lewis & The News cover. Scary Pockets exclusively covers songs and adds their own funky twist on each cover while featuring a […]

True Religion Unveils Newest Funky Single, “Que Bonita”

Consisting of a 50-year-old neuropsychologist and a 30-year-old DJ, the duo known as True Religion brings a unique perspective to underground house and techno music, especially on their latest single “Que Bonita.” Utilizing both Spanish and English influences, True Religion is able to create a sound that is very rare in underground house and techno […]

Opus i By The Anders Helmerson Trio To Be Released Very Soon

The Anders Helmerson Trio, consisting of bandleader Anders Helmerson on piano, Lukasz Chula on bass, and Juan Meija on drums, is set to release their next album, called Opus i, on August 1st. Drawing upon countless musical genres, including classical, jazz, prog rock, and folklore, the upcoming album by this trio delivers something unlike anything […]

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