Wavewulf brings listener’s to infinity and beyond with latest release ‘Space Art and Angels’

Ellen Oakley Encompassing topics of discovery, the cosmos and the human condition, Wavewulf presents a true musical journey into space with his album ‘Space Art and Angels’ available for listener’s everywhere to buckle up and explore the realms of electronic music seemingly outside of reality. The sixteen-track album is brimming with life, managing to feel […]

Judith Haustein oozes class and style in her latest release ‘Freeze’

Ellen Oakley German musician, producer and composer Judith Haustein offers a blend of smooth crooning vocals and swoon-worthy melodies with her new single ‘Freeze’. Complimented with a starkly modern vocal feature near the end (MC BNZ) that carries the trip-hop vibe, the track is fun from beginning to end, overflowing with charm and swing energy […]

Mustafa Khetty (Morpheus Project) brings a whole new meaning to the Prog genre with debut album ‘Mozaick’

Ellen Oakley On the eve of the release of Mustafa Khetty’s anticipated debut album ‘Mozaick’, all should prepare themselves for a journey through the nuances of classical, prog and world music genres presented with an ethereal narrative and otherworldly style. Dropping Friday (March 19th), the album is immense in feel and immersive in nature, while […]

LearningToDive is ready to revive the alternative 80’s with debut album ‘Norwegian Pop’

Atmospheric and raw, ‘Norwegian Pop’ is a mash-up of all things post-punk and new wave with splashes of new romantics. With multiple tracks of power, synth and style overflowing with social commentary, the album is a boiling pot of alternative 80’s sounds elevated for a modern audience. The album opens with ‘I Stand On An […]

Melodic rap with an impact awaits anyone who listens to Leoscappin’s upcoming EP ‘Alienated’

Dropping February 5th, ‘Alienated’ is Leoscappin’s latest effort after releasing a string of singles, the first being ‘Go Kart’ which dropped in September 2020. Leoscappin grew up in Sao Paolo with Japanese heritage but has now settled in England, where he produces American-influenced melodic hip hop for those who feel disenfranchised by society. The lead […]

Get ready to rediscover the meaning of music with Araya’s new album ‘Atlas’

Surreal and atmospheric, ‘Atlas’ is a refreshing journey through self-discovery, artistry and real vocal ability. Regardless of your music preferences, Araya’s voice transcends favouritism and while he delivers a spine-tingling performance on each track, demonstrating a true talent. The 14 track album is a stylistic reflection on the artist and all components that make up […]

Lost Stories and Hidden Gems – The Captain of The Lost Waves offers Bountiful Loot Aplenty!

Legends permeate around the misty waters concerning The Captain of The Lost Waves – an exemplar of all things Vaudevillian, purely autonomous, full of unbridled expression and setting sail to redefine labels of artistic expression. Known primarily for his absurdly engaging live productions, including well received performances at the Glastonbury Arts and Edinburgh Fringe, The […]

Satellite Ravens are taking the Rohde less travelled by with soaring new album, The Equinox

‘If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself’ is the exact mentality multi-instrumentalist and creator of Satellite Ravens, Carson Rohde, has applied to debut album, The Equinox. Birthed in Arizona but finding their wings in California, Satellite Ravens are a new twist on the one-man band by combining the sound of […]

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me new single ‘Choke’

Movie references, thought provoking music and artsy style have combined in an intoxicating mixture to form genre jumping band, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDKHow). Manoeuvring their way and blending through art rock, alternative, space rock and punk, IDKHow have released their second single ‘Choke’ and it’s an assortment of awesomeness. Listen […]

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