Chris Andreucci is bringing country to the highlands with his new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’

Italo-Scot Chris Andreucci may have had some of his plans postponed due to COVID-19 but his latest EP release ‘What Don’t Kill You’ demonstrates how he is more than ready to take the world by storm with his classic country musicality and honey-coated voice. Each track flawlessly blends known genre nuances with a modern feel, […]

The Fire Is Lit: The Prodigy return to the studio

The Prodigy are back in the studio to finish work on their first new material since the passing of Keith Flint. The ‘Firestarter’ group’s late frontman tragically passed away at the age of 49 in March 2019. Read the original article HERE: Band members Liam Howlett and Maxim are back recording beats for the […]

RedFaces’ new single ‘Messed Up Feeling’

Since seeing RedFaces live last month, I haven’t been able to stop listening to them. Replaying song after song, which is kind of difficult (and probably a nuisance to housemates) when they only had three tracks available. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to complain when the tracks are nothing short of brilliant indie noise, […]

Discovering Sundara Karma

Word and mouth is possibly one of the most popular and definitely the most cost effective ways of promotion. Music always being something people want to share with others, it is possibly the industry to benefit from this the most. Although the English indie pop/rock band Sundara Karma have not been around for that long […]

Colour Clash 2017!

Colours burst against white shirts, the powder exploding heavily in the air as the ground vibrated with the pulsating of live music… A little over the top description but the only fitting way to begin explaining the overwhelming excitement this year’s Newport Colour Clash embodied. Not my video but a montage of the event that […]

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