Sira Garcias’ latest album ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2’ offers a true spiritual experience

Ellen Oakley After over a decade in the making, Sira Garcias has married her two life passions in music and alternative medicine, for her latest release ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2’. The album intends to help listeners relax and meditate through compositions that incorporate classical nuances and serene instrumentals. […]

Legendary London Venue Adds Another Star To Its Catalogue

Established in 1954, a small venue called The Troubadour can be found down Old Brompton Road in West London. Despite its size, it has unassumingly welcomed household names such as Elton John, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant. The Troubadour is also historically linked to being a big part of the British folk revival in the […]

Roger Rudenstein Reveals his Epic X-Rated Opera to a European Audience

Based in New Hampshire, Roger Rudenstein has very effectively mounted a concerted feather-ruffling campaign. As one of the busiest composers of operas currently active, Roger has already very firmly nailed his colours to the mast, with full-length satirical works including “The Devil and George Bush” and “The Rise & Fall of Ronald P. Glumph”, a […]

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