Simon speaks on ethereal new album in wake of Collins’ tabloid drama

Most know the name Phil Collins from his solo work or his career performing with prog-rock band Genesis. However, some may not be aware of his son Simon Collins who has been pursuing his own career in music since 1999 with the release of his debut album ‘All of Who You Are’. With defamatory headlines […]

Requiem for New Zealand – Mustafa Khetty

Mustafa Khetty is a composer and song writer born in Sri Lanka and having lived in Ireland, UK, Middle East and Far East, each experience contributing to a rich and diverse palette of musical influence. His musical journey began early, Mustafa being exposed to Indian classical music and later on western classical, progressive rock and […]


Outrageous US psychedelic prog-punk party animals Wartoad thought that there was no better way to promote their UK tour than having a dig at the masters of dad rock, Pink Floyd, by importing a huge imitation of the legendary band’s inflatable pink pig. Yet it seems that the Floyd may have had the last laugh […]

Dr Heronimus Fin Prescribes Regular Doses of Heavy Rock. Britain’s Legendarily Collectible Band Return

Exploring concepts close to the heart often treat us to an experience saturated with colourful emotion. The fourth studio album from underground prog outfit Heronimus Fin, entitled ‘The Pharmacist’ is another performance by them that is anchored by heavily thematic lyrical content. This tale on offer is a loose parallel to the personal experiences of […]

Planet Rock: An Underdog Tale

The digital age of music is now fully upon us, with CDs being a thing of the past and vinyl a collector’s item. In this day and age, music has never been easier to access, allowing billions of people all around the world to bask in the enjoyment of sound. Yet, where would we be […]

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