Everyone can take Shelter in 8-year-old Elle’s new single supporting the homeless this Christmas

Christmas this year may be hectic for all, but this 8-year-old has made it her mission to raise awareness for those suffering this festive period. Elle has already gained recognition from her efforts to help those struggling in her hometown of Southampton last year, with her story being covered by ITV in August of 2019. […]

Jon Scott Captures Current Social Climate in Powerful New EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’

Celebrated singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jon Scott, is to release a brand-new EP entitled Freedom – A New Jerusalem, his recount of the racial prejudice in the world today. With the title track leading the EP, the release comes at a perfect time to encompass the social climate of this year, encouraging people to stand up […]

Media Frenzy For Determined Dad

Richard Stevens, made redundant from his work last summer, has now found himself with a brand-new job, thanks to his son Oscar’s assistance. Oscar wrote and sent a song to employers asking them to look beyond CVs when recruiting, and to look at the person behind the paper. ‘Paper Me’, authored by Oscar and performed […]

Antonia Grace releases hit new single ‘My Little Ten’

Antonia Grace has already proved her worth as both a singer and an actor. Her latest single ‘My Little Ten’ sees Grace’s outlook on today’s world – detailing her realisation that it isn’t a fairytale and of her first impressions of adult problems, from climate change to pandemics. ‘My Little Ten’ (listen below) reflects the […]


On November the 29th something a little different aired on BBC Asian Network. Rock music is described by radio host Nihal Arthanayake as a staple in India, a country which has shown huge appreciation and enthusiasm for the biggest heavy metal bands in the world. Industrial rock musician Aditya Virmani from his band Nivid was […]

Singing Soldiers’ Forthcoming Single Delivers An Experience That Can Only Be Born Out Of Experience

This is not a charity single made up of assembled supporters, nor a twee cover version by overly auto-tuned amateurs, Singing Soldiers are the real deal. Two music professionals and members of the Canadian armed forces who have joined together to put across a message of hope to those affected by PTSD – a number […]

It’s Record Store Day this weekend… what releases should you look out for?

Arriving this weekend on April 13th, Record Store Day will present an opportunity to purchase classic vinyl reissues, limited collector’s editions and unreleased recording exclusives to help you celebrate your local record store. Around 400 releases make up this year’s offering (iNews) and will see music fanatics and collectors alike lining up outside local music shops to […]

PachYa Turns to the Power of Eurovision to ‘Rebuild This Land’ and Unite a Continent

In an effort to circumvent the negativity surrounding the current political climate in Europe, Polish artist PachYa and her German producer Norman Gratopp are targeting Eurovision as the stage to launch their multi-lingual rallying cry – ‘Rebuild This Land’ in an effort to sooth international frustrations and bring nations closer together. PachYa’s heartwarmingly upbeat Euro-pop melody […]

LIVE REVIEW – Captain of the Lost Waves | Shrewsbury Steampunk Christmas Spectacular, Wightman Theatre – 1st Dec

Steampunk is a rapidly emerging subculture and yet remains a concept that is still incredibly difficult to define. On the surface, it’s an imaginary foretelling of an emerging Victorian-era renaissance – complete with high fashion and peculiar gadgets. However, it’s overriding spirit is one that is deeply inclusive. For an audience looking to either embrace anachronistic escapism […]

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