Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete present ‘Old Black Crow’

Fergus McKay and his troupe, Nothing Concrete, are music like nothing you have never heard before from their remote location of Pyrenees in the South of France. With diversity in both their music and backgrounds, Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete are an extraordinary band consisting of unique and talented musicians who create folk infused, bluesy, […]

Hey Look Ma, Panic! At The Disco’s brand new album Pray for the Wicked

When Pete Wentz was quoted describing Pray for the Wicked as ‘Death of a Bachelor on steroids’, I personally worried we would end up with either cutting room floor songs or a recycled album. However, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ floored me and gave some understanding into exactly what ‘Death of a Bachelor on steroids’ means. […]

From the Vault: The Brobecks

Technically, this blog post would probably fit better under the ‘Discovering’ series however The Brobecks are yet another example of music that went underappreciated during it’s time. Fans of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDKHow) and Panic! At the Disco will know The Brobecks as one of Dallon Weekes’ first ventures into […]

From the Vault: The Young Veins

After a week’s break from this blog, filled with nothing but countless hours of essay writing, I’m about ready for the summer to start, and I know I’m not the only one. The week away also gave me time to reflect and fall back into music that has been forgotten or, for some, never heard. […]

The Decemberists, I’ll Be Your Girl, review

The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s have combined with mythical synths to create The Decemberists eighth studio album, I’ll Be Your Girl. Three years in the making since their last release, What a Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, the indie rock band have stepped away from their story telling roots to take a more […]

Celebrating the music of Brazil with Ricardo Bacelar’s Sebastiana

No celebration is complete without music and Ricardo Bacelar has used this to his advantage to create a fifteen-track album entitled Sebastiana bursting with culture and pride. Being Ricardo’s third album, the artist wanted to create something that would transcend musical styles and go beyond trends and fashion. With Sebastiana, Ricardo has recorded something that […]

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