Visible sighting of ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’ Soon to be Confirmed

In a world with so much credence on blurring the lines of diversity, this Summer’s release from Jonny Dee offered a refreshing understanding of how psychedelic hip-hop may hold the key to understanding ‘The Human Experience‘. While we have previously covered the album in a post in the build up to the release, anticipation is […]

MASK Defeat Life and Geography to Bring Back Blues Rock Without a Safety Net!

Occasionally, the need for the polish is cast to one side for something a little rougher around the edges. For a band seeking to define the notion of what it means to be a ‘real’ rock band, while juggling their own responsibilities, Belfast-based MASK are evoking a pre-punk style perhaps able to offer a sympathetic […]

Dr Heronimus Fin Prescribes Regular Doses of Heavy Rock. Britain’s Legendarily Collectible Band Return

Exploring concepts close to the heart often treat us to an experience saturated with colourful emotion. The fourth studio album from underground prog outfit Heronimus Fin, entitled ‘The Pharmacist’ is another performance by them that is anchored by heavily thematic lyrical content. This tale on offer is a loose parallel to the personal experiences of […]

The story of soul-man Les Kirsh

Picture the scene: It’s the 70s and the soul music scene is in full swing. There’s prime opportunity for emerging artists to make a name for themselves and Les Kirsh is breaking into circles with his crooning style of easy listening soul music. But just as Les’ career began to heat up, a tragic car […]

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