Franki Pineapple crushes with her anti-establishment anthem ‘F**k It Man’

  A rebel anthem that’s catchy as hell and full of expletives, Frank Pineapple has created a single that encourages you to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and no longer care about the chains of monotonous everyday life. Guitar heavy with an intoxicating use of electronic components, ‘Fuck it Man’ is […]

Paul McCartney says suing The Beatles was the “only way” to save their music

“I also knew that, if I managed to save it, I would be saving it for them” – McCartney Read the original article HERE: Paul McCartney has opened up about the time he sued The Beatles in order to “save” their music and company, Apple. Read More: The Big Read – Paul McCartney: “The Beatles were brothers arguing, […]

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