Wavewulf brings listener’s to infinity and beyond with latest release ‘Space Art and Angels’

Ellen Oakley Encompassing topics of discovery, the cosmos and the human condition, Wavewulf presents a true musical journey into space with his album ‘Space Art and Angels’ available for listener’s everywhere to buckle up and explore the realms of electronic music seemingly outside of reality. The sixteen-track album is brimming with life, managing to feel […]

New Techno princess Nej!las is close to becoming techno queen!

Since the release of her ‘Washout’ EP around 4 months ago she’s been rapidly on the rise. Since then she has released stand alone track Fini and most recently her To Rise, To Fall EP and my god has she developed and people are noticing. In just the 22 days since its soundcloud release ‘Risen’ […]

Barney Rattle releases eclectic compilation album African Storybook of Songs

Determined London-born producer, Barney Rattle, has spent the past twenty years working with musicians from South Africa and across the globe to change the face of black musical history – helping 100’s of musicians living in poverty, whilst building equality by introducing South African music to the western world.To celebrate two decades of progress, Rattle […]

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