Chris Andreucci is bringing country to the highlands with his new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’

Italo-Scot Chris Andreucci may have had some of his plans postponed due to COVID-19 but his latest EP release ‘What Don’t Kill You’ demonstrates how he is more than ready to take the world by storm with his classic country musicality and honey-coated voice. Each track flawlessly blends known genre nuances with a modern feel, […]


Circumstances around the world may find you cast adrift and isolated but one artist looking to unite music fans with an experience which transports the listener way beyond their surroundings is Milan-based electro producer, Zipten. His forthcoming track, (You Are) Encanto, described by Zipten as “a hymn to beauty” perfectly demonstrates his exploratory electronic soundscapes, […]

Alberto Lombardi, Italian Strato-master: New Music and Tour News Amid Coronavirus

“The record is killing, such great musicianship!” Nile Rodgers “Fantastic guitar player! Wow, this is such a beautiful piece of music!” Bob Clearmountain With celebrity fans such as Chic’s Nile Rodgers and legendary engineer, Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen; David Bowie; Rolling Stones), Alberto Lombardi has already won legions of fans with his expressive guitar playing […]

Italian Pop Artist, Marco Gray, Releases Track that Celebrates LGBTQ+ and Spirituality

Marco Gray is launching his latest single, ‘Ten More Times’, in England after already achieving a huge following in his native Italy. His new home in London has given him the freedom to express himself more honestly than ever before. ‘Ten More Times’ is the unfiltered Marco Gray – spiritual, passionate, funny and loving. Although […]

Omosefe Looks to Inspire Unity Through Music and Hieroglyphic Art

From Nigeria to Italy to America, Omosefe has found himself frustrated by the negativity from both political and religious leaders and has resolved to bring people together in a two-pronged attack – both with his music and his art. As a music producer, singer-songwriter, and a “figurative artist” he seeks to show not what divides […]

Italian rockers Keemosabe look set to complete anticipated album via Kickstarter campaign and Abbey Road sessions

The journey that Keemosabe have undertaken is one that outlines a disparity between the small suburban reality of where they grew up and the cosmopolitan lifestyle found in big cities, as is reflected through their music. Despite being a pop/rock outfit, best known for utilising energetic grooves combined with powerful riffs and pop melodies, Keemosabe came to […]

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