Judith Haustein oozes class and style in her latest release ‘Freeze’

Ellen Oakley German musician, producer and composer Judith Haustein offers a blend of smooth crooning vocals and swoon-worthy melodies with her new single ‘Freeze’. Complimented with a starkly modern vocal feature near the end (MC BNZ) that carries the trip-hop vibe, the track is fun from beginning to end, overflowing with charm and swing energy […]

Jon Scott makes beautiful music and tackles social issues with his new EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’

During times of division, many look to music to inspire togetherness and harmony. In the current global climate, Jon Scott has taken it upon himself to do just that. ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem‘ is an EP not only filled with anthems for solidarity in the year that has been 2020, but also shines a […]

Jon Scott Captures Current Social Climate in Powerful New EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’

Celebrated singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jon Scott, is to release a brand-new EP entitled Freedom – A New Jerusalem, his recount of the racial prejudice in the world today. With the title track leading the EP, the release comes at a perfect time to encompass the social climate of this year, encouraging people to stand up […]

Indoor Gigs Are Back…(Almost!)

Read the original article HERE: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53442172 Indoor performances with socially distanced audiences can take place in England from the start of August, the prime minister has said. The government is working with the sector on pilots of performances with socially distanced audiences in theatres and music venues. Boris Johnson said the findings would feed into […]

‘A Light From The Other Side’ by Lisa Richards

Australian singer-songwriter, Lisa Richards released her new album, A Light From The Other Side, on 17th April – a record that looks introspectively into Lisa’s life and experiences. Normally when you listen to new music, you can instantly place it into a genre-defining box, but this simply isn’t the case with Lisa Richards. It’s not unusual […]

Barney Rattle releases eclectic compilation album African Storybook of Songs

Determined London-born producer, Barney Rattle, has spent the past twenty years working with musicians from South Africa and across the globe to change the face of black musical history – helping 100’s of musicians living in poverty, whilst building equality by introducing South African music to the western world.To celebrate two decades of progress, Rattle […]

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