Greer Baxter will tug at your heart strings with her newest alternative pop single ‘Sleeping on the Couch’

By combining introspective lyrics and alt-pop power, Greer Baxter perfectly encapsulates the turmoil of relationships with this melancholy tale. Calling on songwriting inspired by the likes of Alanis Morisette and her background in poetry, Baxter explores a personal and intimate situation in a way that can relate to many, by inviting listeners into an environment […]

Italian rockers Keemosabe look set to complete anticipated album via Kickstarter campaign and Abbey Road sessions

The journey that Keemosabe have undertaken is one that outlines a disparity between the small suburban reality of where they grew up and the cosmopolitan lifestyle found in big cities, as is reflected through their music. Despite being a pop/rock outfit, best known for utilising energetic grooves combined with powerful riffs and pop melodies, Keemosabe came to […]

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